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National Dark Sky Week


What is National Dark Sky Week?
National Dark Sky Week is a week when everyone in America turns out his or her outdoor lighting. It reduces light pollution so that people may see the wonder that the universe has to offer. Many people, for a long period of time, have overlooked the beauty of the sky. National Dark Sky Week gives everyone a chance to see what has long been covered by the "glow" of lights.

When does National Dark Sky Week occur?
The event occurs between April 12th and April 19th from 10-12 pm. Turn out your lights from 10-12 pm in the Eastern time zone, 9-11 in the Central time zone, 10-12 pm in the Mountain time zone, and 9-11 in the Pacific time zone. This enables everyone to enjoy the event under dark skies.

How does one participate in this event?
First, help spread the word of NDSW. Then, on these dates, during the scheduled time, turn out your lights and watch the greatest show that was ever created.

Who can be contacted for more information?
Jennifer Barlow ‹Astronomer107@comcast.net

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National Dark Sky Night

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