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Galaxy Messier 51, as seen through the CSM Observatory telescopes

If your company provides astronomical equipment and services, please consider becoming a conference sponsor, and perhaps even donating goods and services to our raffle.

In return, we'll provide you with a booth at the conference, as well as ample publicity.

For more information on sponsorship, please send email to our Vendor Sponsorship Opportunities email address.


We gratefully thank the following companies and organizations for their support of the 2007 AANC "Reach for the Stars" conference:

William Optics

StellarVue Telescopes


Scope City

Orion Telescope

Sky & Telescope Magazine

Astronomy Magazine


Parks Optical

Software Bisque

SETI Institute

Astronomical Society of the Pacific

International Dark Sky Association

Telescopes for Rent

Norman Mahan Jewelers

Aluminum Coating

Chabot Telescope Maker's Workshop

Golden State Star Party

Santa Rosa Symphony

Asian Art Museum

Everything in the Universe

Faint Fuzzies

Sky Image Lab