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Conference Committee Notes
AANC Conference

Conference is Saturday, 29 Sep 2007 at College of San Mateo  

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Ken's aanc-con2007 download page

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29 April Conference Committee notes

Attending: Doug Brown, Liede-Marie Haitsma, Ed Pieret, Carter Roberts, Ken Frank, Alan Gould, Darryl Sanford, Mike Koop, Dean Drumhiller, Mike Portuesi, Walt Heiges, Mohsen Janatpour, John Dillon, Mike Ryan, Dave Harris, Michael Kran

Discussion of

Doug Brown modified the Powerpoint file for organizing AANC conference 2007. If you do not have Microsoft Powerpoint, you can get a PowerPoint Viewers for free:
Windows verson (for Powerpoint 97 and later)
Mac version (for Powerpoint 98)

Audio/Visual; Donations; Food; Memorabilia; Observing Session; Program (Ken F); Registration; Raffle; Reproduction; Traffic and Signage; Treasurer/Finance (Richard O); Volunteers; Vendors (Mike K-SETI, Lockheed, Stanford Solar Ctr); Web page (Daryl); Communications & Publicity and Webpage (Mike P, Darryl S, Richard O, Alan G)

Additional committee file:

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Notes for the 4 Feb 2007 AANC Conference Committee meeting are contained in
Doug Brown's Powerpoint file (AANCconOrgComRpt07.02.04.ppt)
Critical information is also contained in Doug's Excel file (AANCcon2007log0702.xls - this version has contact info of committee members deleted). Complete version of Excel file (with contact info) is distributed directly by Dave to Conference Committee members via e-mail.

3 Dec 2006 Conference Committee Meeting Notes

Present: Doug Brown, Walt Heiges, Mike Portuesi, Ken Frank, Carter Roberts, Ed Pieret, Mike Koop , John Dillon, Liede Marie Haitsma, Alan Gould [not present: Darryl Stanford, Mohsen Janatpour]
Speakers: Richard Crips on Planetary Nebulae Discovery. Jeff Adkins (ASP award winner)

Vendors: Jim Burr of JMI


Time: Afternoon of 29 Sept (Sat)

Parking: Staff parking can be used


Science Day:

Student Web page: It might be good for students to create conference website

Links of web pages: AANC website could link to CSM conference web site

Next meeting: [At AANC Board meeting it was proposed to have Conference Committee meeting 4 Feb 9:30-10:30am]

From Ken Frank 13 Jan 2006:
Please add Dean Drumheller to all correspondence re the upcoming CON.
He's Mohsen/Darryl's assistant at CSM and will be a key person in coordinating the effort. Contact Ken by phone at:
415 789 0450 (h)
Tues, Wed & Th at Scope City 421 8800 10-5

Proposed Committee Chairs:

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29 Oct 2006 AANC conference committee notes

Next Meeting:
Sunday Dec 3, 9:30 am (before AANC Board meeting)

1. Roll call - Alan
Ken Frank, Darryl Stanford, Mike Koop, Doug Brown Ed Pieret, Walt Heiges, Alan Gould

2. Introduce Mohsen and Darryl, professors of College of San Mateo.
Mohsen is a philopher, physicist, artist, renaissance man. Darryl is professor at CSM

3. Logo Great news! We have the go-ahead from Mohsen to use "Reach for the Stars" logo. (credits given of course) [hands reaching up...]

Darryl: New planetarium is in construction now. Installing Evans and Sutherland projection system - will be complete by mid-Dec. Darryl and other staff will be trained then and system be used for spring classes (2007) and SMCAS. AANC conference can be a "coming out party" or "housewarming" or "domewarming." Ribbon cutting-opening may be in January, but exact date is not set.
There is a new observatory on top of new science building. Roll off roof.
a 20" RC
+ 14" scope
Solar scopes

4. Firm up a date for the conference. Candidate dates:
finals are mid-May
Astronomy Day? Maybe not a good idea: clubs want to do their own events on that day.
25 Aug? - 3 days before full Moon
18 Aug? - bad for CSM students
15 Sep? a dark sky weekend
22 Sep? waxing gibbous - moonrise later (bad for Alan - WAC planetarium conference) and SJAA (meeting)
29 Sep? moonrise 8:36 but it's low and obscured by building. Scopes could be bright up elevator to top of science bldg.

Consensus - date is set for 29 Sep 2007.
Food? Could be best to have catered lunch and dinner. Or people could go out to local pizza place(s) or restaurants

Separate fee for conference?
In 2005 at Randall, we only charged conference fee for speakers.

5. Decide on a theme. This is important for lots of reasons of which Mike Koop could
easily expound. Education Outreach - Reach for the Stars (logo)
.... helps Debbie work on the logo incorporation.

6. Speaker ideas: For expediting this con please email Alan & me with your ideas for speakers and what the speakers topic might be.

Currently we have:
Richard Crisp on narrowband imaging
Christopher Go, who imaged Red Jr. from Cebu, PI (a possibility--would be here in April)
Imke de Pater??
Jeff Adkins, high school teacher at Deer Valley High School in Antioch, who was awarded this years AANC Special Award
SETI people: Seth, Jill, or Frank?
Jeff Cuzzi
ASP: Marni or Vivian
(Jim Kaler can't commit unfortunately, but wants to be kept in the loop)
Andy Newton from Hartnell College

7. Science Day at CSM. Mohsen would like to tie in CSM's great Science Dept. resources and PR for our use.

8. Other topics of discussion - Darryl says CSM students could set up conference website.

9. Next Telecon date: Sunday December 3rd 9:30am (before the AANC regular meeting)