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1999 AANC Symposium

The Morrison Planetarium and the

Astronomical Association of
Northern California

Invite you to A One-Day Symposium on

Future Science in the 21st Century



Saturday March 27, 1999

in the May Treat Morrison Auditorium and Morrison Planetarium
California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Speakers will address topics including:


Panel discussion: What are the goals and trends in amateur astronomy? What does the future hold for amateurs? How will we encourage young astronomers? Hear what a panel of prominent amateur astronomers have to say.

Stargazing at Night: Join the San Francisco Amateur Astronomers for an old fashioned City Star Party after the Symposium, weather permitting. Directions to GGNRA Lands End (near Cliff House) will be available in the display area. Visit the SFAA at http://zennla.com/sfaa/starparties/

Star Party and astronomy talk at Point Lobos. SFAA website with directions to the City Star Party http://zennla.com/sfaa/starparties/


A full day of exciting science
for the general public.
Lunar Prospector blasts off!

AANC Symposium at Morrison

Tentative Schedule

Refreshments and display tables will be in Goethe Room all day.

Welcome 8:30-8:40 Planetarium.
Amateur Astronomy Panel Discussion 8:40-9:10 Planetarium.
Debra Fisher 9:20-10:20 Planetarium
Break 10:20-10:35 --
Dan Wertheimer 10:35-11:25 Auditorium
Alan Binder 11:35-12:25 Auditorium
Announcements--Project Astro 12:25-12:35 Auditorium
Lunch 12:35-1:35 --
AANC Award Presentations 1:35-1:45 Planetarium
Filippenko, Keynote 1:45-2:45 Planetarium
Jeff Moore 2:55-3:45 Planetarium
Break 3:45-4:00 --
Space Settlement Winners 4:00-4:45 Auditorium

Project Astro website http://www.aspsky.org/subpages/proj.html

For more information and pre-registration:

Morrison Planetarium Office: (415) 750-7127, 10-6 M-F
California Academy of Sciences, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, Ca

Registration fees are as follows:

(Make check payable to "Morrison Planetarium")

Advance Registration: $20.00
10-18 years of age: $10.00
Registration at the door (all ages) $25.00.
(Includes admission to the Academy and a Planetarium ticket.)


To register, print out and mail in the registration form page.

More exciting speakers may join is, so for up to date information, please visit this web site at for updates

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