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Date: Sun, 09 Aug 1998 23:14:21 -0700

Aug 1 - Beginning Astronomy class - Rich Neuschafer on Planetary Observing
Sept 12 - Beginning Astronomy class - John gleason on Astrophotography
Aug 8 - General Meeting - Jose Olivaraz on Jupiter
August 29 general meeting is Slide and Equipment night
Fremont Peak Star Parties 8/15, 8/22 is Star B que, Sept 19
Hogue Park Star Parties Aug 14, 28, Sept 11
Rescheduled Yosemite Tip is Sept 11 and 12
All directions to star parties are on the website

24 hour news and information 408.559-1221 Web site is linked already, newsletter is on the website

Autumn Astronomy Day Listed on page 92 of Sept S&T I've received 15 e-mails about it already respectfully submitted,
Jane Houston



SJAA is quite busy, but is presently without a representative to the AANC board meetings. We were very much saddened by the loss of Bob Ashford, who was our AANC rep in addition to many other activities.

Public star party in Houge Park -- stepped up to 2/month (most months), to provide moonless nights in addition to one that has a good moon for showing.

Dark-sky star parties -- the change of location within Henry Coe State Park is successful. The site is larger and flatter, and can accommodate perhaps 50 vehicles and scopes. We are no longer bothered by lanterns in the campground, which more than offsets increased light from passing vehicles and visibility of San Jose.

School star party program -- will resume in fall. There have been a couple requests for scout groups, etc., during the summer. Typically we do about 30 evening events during the school year.

Observational Astronomy Class -- presently being taught by Jack Zeiders. About 20 to 25 attending each monthly class (Jan thru Oct). Eight pm, in the hall at Houge Park. Open to all. No fees.

General meetings: 8 pm, in the hall at Houge Park
July 19: Ernie Piini on the Solar eclipse
Aug 16: Bob Fingerhut on astrophotography
Sept 13: Slide & Equipment night
Oct 11: TBA
Nov 8: Ken Croswell -- Discovery of other solar systems
Dec 13: Bob Garfinkle on lunar nomenclature
SJAA again has a web site: which has general information and of course, the complete calendar for 1997. We continue to operate our Calendar Hotline at 408.550.1221 (24 hours) that lists the next 4 to 6 weeks activities, along with driving directions to the various sites. Our thanks to Bill Arnett for setting up the web site, and also thanks to SEDS in U.of Arizona for use of the disk space. Jim Van Nuland, Secretary, San Jose Astronomical Association.