From: DLeclert
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 02:45:09 EST

The next meeting of the Stockton Astronomical Society will be Jan. 8, 1998 and will be our annual awards banquet. Dinner will be at the Stockton Gun & Bocci club off Waterloo Rd. (Hwy 88). Speaker for the evening will be Chris McKay, who will speak on "Life on Mars". Our February 12 meeting will feature Bob steiner of the Bay Area Skeptics who will speak on Astrology. The March 12 meeting will be a "Spring Skies Workshop" featuring club members who will speak an various objects to be seen at that time off year. School star parties have not been too successful due to bad weather. We recently, Dec. 9, put on a party for Colonial Heights School in Stockton. Attendence was approximately 100 students and parents.

Submitted by Dennis LeClert

From: Date: Sun, 19 Oct 1997 05:17:30 -0400 (EDT)
Our next meeting will be Thursday, Nov. 13, 1997. This is our annual "Show & Tell" meeting which will include projects of members. The Dec. 11 meeting will be "Stars of the Winter Skies" which is our quarterly update on what to see in the skies for the season. Our January 8th, 1998 meeting is our annual awards banquet and will hopefully feature Chris McKay as speaker. We continue to be active in school star parties, such as a recent one at Ron Nunn School in Brentwood where over 150 students and parents attended.

Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 13:03:33 -0400 (EDT)
Biggest news at the Stockton A. S. is that our meeting night has been changed, due to a scheduling problem with a new astronomy class, to the second Thursday of the month. This will start in September. Jeff Baldwin will be building 2 long focus reflectors (f/10) for planetary use from 2 donated mirrors. One will be a 12-1/2" and the other will be a 7". The 12 is a pre-polished spherical mirror. The July 9 meeting will feature Arno Ledebuhr of Lawrence Livermore Lab who will speak on the Clementine satellite, how it was developed, its accomplishments and where it is going from there. At this time we have no speaker for the August meeting.

Date: Sat, 26 Apr 1997 20:49:08 -0400 (EDT)

The Stockton A. S. has had several well attended comt viewing sessions in the last few weeks.. We started on March 23rd with a combination Comet/Lunar eclipse party. We had in excess of 150 people participate that night. On April 4th and 5th we had exceptional attendence on both evenings to view the comet. April 11th was our monthly Sky Tour and even though it was somewhat breezy we still had a good attendence. The May meeting, the 14th at 7:30 PM at the Clever Planetarium at SAn Joaquin Delta College, will feature member Dr. Neil Lark, professor of physics at the University of the Pacific, who will speak on "Black Holes at the Hearts of Galaxies". The June 11th meeting will be a "Summer Skies Workshop", featuring various members of the society describing objects to be seen in the upcoming months.