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2009 AANC-CON Planning Meeting Notes -|- May 9 -|- Apr 28 -|- Apr 19

Photos from the Westin that Ken and Richard took:


Sat, 9 May 2009

Attendance: Ken Frank, Michael Portuesi, Alan Gould, Richard Ozer, Doug Brown

Next Meeting: 5/30 9:00 AM

ASP MOU: See MS Word doc.  Redlines indicate changes made today

A/V  Alan Gould.  Doug - backup projector
Star Party  Ken Frank, Richard Ozer
Publicity  Richard Ozer, Michael Portuesi

Program draft:

AANC 2009 workshop agenda

Action items:

AANC workshop planning - to do list

Ken's modification of Dave's Apr 28 note's (MS Word)


2009 Apr 28 Meeting Notes

Here Doug's notes from today's AANC-CON planning meeting to discuss results of last meeting with ASP.
Doug and Ken will meet with ASP again at 9:00 AM this Friday.  Contact Ken if you want to call in.
Our next AANC planning meeting will be May 9, 9:30 AM.  Dial-in information has already been distributed.


1. Ken Frank
2. Richard Ozer
3. Michael Portuesi
4. Doug Brown

Program Ideas
Entry $40 for two days, under 18 free?
Donate $500 to ASP plus 50% of gross over $1500?
Potential Saturday Speakers  
John Dillon
Vivian White
Christopher Go
Peter Jenniskens
Chris Konig
Potential Saturday Events  
Star Party in Bayshore Park
Mirror grinding
Potential Sunday Speakers  
LCROSS (or is this Saturday?)
SETI (ASP has arranged)
Potential Booths  
Scope City
Club tables: MDAS,
SW Bisque

VERY Rough Agenda Timing (+/- several hours)
9:30  Intro
9:45  Speaker 1
10:15  Speaker 2
11:15  Speaker 3
12:00  Lunch
13:00  Speaker 4
14:00  Speaker 5 (keynote)
15:00  Speaker 6
16:00  AANC Awards
16:30  Raffle
17:15  Dinner
18:45  Star Party
21:30  Adjourn

Action Item

1. Check with ASP to see if there is a common area where we can set up booths for vendors and clubs [Ken Frank]


2009 Apr 19 Post Board Meeting

Portuesi's Notes

For what it's worth, here are my (totally unofficial) notes/minutes from the AANC-Con planning meeting this morning.  Remember, totally unofficial.

ASP proposal :
- Piggy back on use of hotel, saturday (conf. start)

- People attending full conference pay a registration fee (early bird $350)
- ASP workshops set up over weekend, people can attend before conference
- daily admission fee for sat/sunday workshop events $40, no need to pay full conference fee.

- ASP proposing:
- AANC piggyback on their conference (use of hotel etc.)
- People who attending AANC events at the event are charged $40, standard workshop reg fee
- AANC needs to negotiate w/ASP to divvy up proceeds.

- How much did AANC charge in past, is $40 steep
- Yes it is steep, but costs for us are 0
- Past events (2004, 2007) are archived on the AANC website
- 2005 and 2007 fare structures are geared towards amateurs, public.

- Is $40 fee tax-deductible contribution?
- Need to impute value you're receiving as benefit and subtract
- But this may apply only to material goods or services with an explicit assigned value?

AANC goals:

- Want to come out $1000 ahead from conference
- give them volunteers
- get PR running both ways

- Does AANC derive income from sales?
- Raffle has been primary moneymaker in past
- Also t-shirt sales
- 400 IYA, SETI 25th, ASP 120th anniversaries are good t-shirt ideas/opportunities

- What is AANC doing there?
- Booths?
- Club booths?
- in the past, light showing from other clubs
- Are we having presenters?
- fraknoi to pull speakers together for ASP meeting
- what are we putting on that's unique, distinct from ASP?
- not sure what speaker agreement between ASP/AANC
- Doug will contact ASP and nail things down speaker-wise.

How does AANC negotiate with ASP from here:

- ASP should consider shifting its organization focus to include amateurs as a form of outreach
- "amateurs, teachers, public"
- a good place to start at this meeting
- therefore structure addition to include amateurs, mom/dad/kids (public)
- discuss how to set up pricing structure to accomodate
- family fee $50, perhaps?

Next Meeting:

- date to discuss again: May 9, 9:30 a.m.
- AANC conf date: sep 12




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