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AANC Board Meeting Minutes 2006

recorded by AANC Secretary Alan Gould
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Minutes for 12 Feb 2006 AANC Board Meeting

1. Call to order 10:09 am Teleconference phone number is 1 866 744-9692
Passcode is sent out to board members via e-mail.
After signing on during roll call please press *6 to mute your mic so there won't be background noise. Press *6 again to make a comment.

2. Roll call - Alan will start this roll call as he initiates the phone call.
Mike Portuesi, Ken Frank, Carter Roberts, Dan Zuras, Walt Heiges, Dave Harris, John Dillon, Mike Koop, Liede Marie Haitsma., Marion Weiler, Don Stone, Alan Gould

3. Approve minutes http://aanc-astronomy.org/AANCminutes/AANCminutes.html
Mike Ken approval of minutes.

4. Treasurer's report to be posted. See -G-
Some time spent tracking down missing check for $700. Check was found.
6 checks missing to be tracked down later.

5. Old business

6. New business

7. Club reports Please send to: adgould{at}comcast.net Please also send updates of your website to Alan. See -F-

8. Other agenda items and announcements - there were a few announcements that secretary did not capture, but could bew reported later in updates to club reports, if the people who made the announcements send them to Alan Gould

9. Adjourn 11:30 am

We thank Alan Gould and NASA Kepler Mission for providing the telecon.


Keith Payea wrote: Hi Ken:
The Sonoma County Astronomical Society is looking for a few more sponsors for this year's Striking Sparks awards. I think that John Whitehouse (our new president) will bring this up at the next AANC board meeting, but I figured I would get the ball rolling by writing to you. Last year we had an excess of local sponsors, so AANC didn't sponsor one, but maybe they would consider it for this year.

John Whitehouse <jmw{at}sonic.net>

On behalf of the Sonoma County Astronomical Society (SCAS), I would like to
petition the AANC Board to consider a grant to sponsor a candidate for our
Striking Sparks program.

Any response may be made to me and/or Dickson Yeager, our Striking Sparks
program coordinator. (Mr. Yeager's email address is: deep6@sonic.net)
Our business mailing address is P.O. Box 183, Santa Rosa, CA 95402.

I submit this proposal for the board's consideration today, 1/24/06.
The date for the awards ceremony for this year is March 18.

I believe that AANC has sponsored Striking Sparks before, but to refresh:
Striking Sparks is a program that SCAS has offered every year for some time.
(Over 20 years as I recall at this writing.)
Striking Sparks originally awarded handmade Newtonian reflectors on Dobson
mounts to students selected on merit by essays submitted to SCAS. This year
we have purchased 10 Orion 6" Dobson mounted reflectors to be awarded.

This year we have submitted applications to 134 primary schools in Sonoma
County, containing instructions for students to submit to us for judging on
the students' interest in astronomy, and how they would use a telescope to
further their interest and education, and how they might share their
enthusiasm for astronomy with others with their new telescope.

We believe this fosters a continued appreciation for the interest and
education in astronomy and the sciences for future generations.

Winners will be awarded their new telescopes at a banquet in their honor,
and sponsors are of course encouraged to attend. The banquet is held at our
meeting location at Proctor Terrace School here in Santa Rosa.

We have need for 2 uncommitted sponsors thus far. The amount to sponsor each
telescope is $200.

I would like Mr. Yeager, the coordinator to present a report to me on how
the funds would be spent, which I would forward to the AANC Board after the
banquet in March.

Thank you very much on our behalf for your consideration, I look forward to
answering any questions regarding our program.


John Whitehouse
Sonoma County Astronomical Society
707-539-5549 (telephone)


Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2006 07:18:06 -0800
From: Marion Weiler
Subject: RE: SMCAS request

Here is the basics of what CSM and I have discussed so far as a concept.
The CSM president was briefed on the plan & is ok. The SMCAS board of
directors also supports this idea. Next step is to get a better
understanding of AANC plans and expectations.

The CSM vision would be to open the new facility to the general public
and the bay area astronomy community in particular, both as a way to
showcase the new facility but also to give back to the community as this
was publicly financed by a bond measure - the local citizens were
willing to pay for it.

CSM would host the AANC conference in the new science building, in
conjunction with the (recent) opening of this new facility and likely as
part of a national astronomy day event. The event would be
free/non-profit and open to the general public. Any profit making
endevour would move this whole thing into a different universe due to
the public funding issue noted above.

The event would center around the new science building. CSM would
provide the following facilities and related support services (basic
janitorial/security/utilities) in the new science building at no charge:

-the new planetarium (planned seating 100+), with state of the art
projector and multi-media capability.
-an adjoining lecture hall that is planned to have the planetarium A/V
broadcast into it for overflow seating, seats about 60
-a variety of classrooms in the new science building
-Integrated Science Center
-lobby/reception room
-rooftop observatory

The large theater which was used last time would not be available
without some charge. It's a separate building, not controlled by the
science department. In any event, the vision is to highlight and
utilize the new facility.

There is not a cafeteria or other food service in the building, or
generally open on campus past early afternoon. What/where if any food
service made available would be a detail to be worked out.



CSM proposal Word Doc

AANC Grant Proposal
Proposed by:
San Mateo County Astronomical Society
Member(s) in good standing of AANC
Contact and reporting: Marion Weiler – President
Report back dates:

Date of proposal:
12/11/05 verbal proposal to AANC board
2/12/06 written proposal
AANC Donate $500.00 to the College of San Mateo Reach for the Stars Campaign. Campaign funds go to pay for a planetarium projector and supporting A/V equipment in the new CSM Planetarium scheduled to open in spring of 2007.
More information on the Planetarium and the Reach for the Stars Campaign can be found at:
Benefits of this grant:
This grant would help fund a Bay Area community astronomy resource which will further the goals of amatuer and professional astronomy.

In addition, this grant would mean that AANC would have its name and logo placed on the donor wall at the entry of the new planetarium, its name/logo and direct web site link placed on the Reach for the Stars home page as a sponsor. It would benefit the standing and visability of AANC.


Before the meeting, if people could review the AANC star party page:


and suggest items that haven't yet been covered, I would be appreciative.

We have a lot of content under the "crowd safety" heading already, but I'd
like that section to be as complete as possible. At past AANC meetings,
people have mentioned the existence of safety manuals for your own
clubs. If you have something like that, I'd love to merge its content with
the online article and get everything online.

Michael Portuesi


Amateur astronomers provide the public with the often life-altering experience of directly experiencing the universe. Our visitors also ask many questions about what they see, or what they don't see! Why doesn't it look like the photos? What power is your telescope? Can you see the flag on the Moon?

The latest ToolKit released to Night Sky Network member clubs includes materials and activities to prepare your visitors for their observing experience and enhance their understanding at the eyepiece.

Is your club a member of the Network? Find out now how to join this free program sponsored by NASA: http://nightsky.jpl.nasa.gov



Club Reports

Scope City hosted Meade Day on January 21st. Brian Deis, VP of Marketing for Meade was on
hand as was Super Tech Rep Russ Tanton. Brian and Russ brought two top-notch technicians
from Meade, Tony, a mechanical tech, and Louis, an optical tech. We had a long table set up for
inspection, testing, cleaning and adjusting all Meade telescopes for free.
Sam and the guys did over 30 telescopes that day! A drawing was held, sponsored by Parks Optical, Lumicon
International, Scope City and Meade.

The grand prize was a new Meade product, the Deep Sky Imager II. New FPOA Board Member,
Dave Samuels, won the winning raffle ticket. I'm sure we'll see lots of wonderful images generated
from the newly aluminized mirror on Fremont Peak.
Speaking of images, you can find the most current ones from the raffle and other happenings at:

Scope City assisted the classes of Dr. Olga Werby at Alamo Elementary and Presidio Middle
Schools in San Francisco to view the planets with their telescope.

SMCAS will hold Astronomy Day at CSM on May 6th. Scope City will again participate by
volunteering manpower, telescopes and lots of good energy.


Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2006 18:19:13 -0800
From: Richard Ozer <rozer[at]pacbell.net>
Mount Diablo Astronomical Society - Calendar of Public Programs at Mount Diablo

MDAS hosts the public astronomy programs at Mt. Diablo State Park, holds a monthly meeting and lecture series in Concord, and provides community service for educators wishing to hold nighttime astronomy programs for their students.

The MDAS website is www.mdas.net

Our public astronomy program is free to any Mt. Diablo State Park visitor, is held at the lower summit parking lot and includes astronomical viewing through a variety of telescopes including the new Mt. Diablo Observatory's. You must enter the park before sundown in order to attend. Please remember to dress warmly, even in the summer.

The 2006 dates for our public events are:

March 4th
April 1st
May 20th
June 17th
July 29th
Aug 26th
Sep 16th
Oct 21st

MDAS's monthly meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at7:00 pm at the Concord Police Academy located at 5060 Avila Road, exit willow pass road south from Route 4, and make an immediate left on Avila Road. The academy is about Ÿmi up the road on the right. In November and December, the meeting is held on the third Tuesday. Please check our website for detailed program information.


MDAS Board meeting 1-9-06: there is a total of 191 MDAS members.

VIP Phase I training for MDAS docents will begin February 19th on Mt. Diablo
at Rock City. The hours necessary for a pass has gone up from 15 to 30. The
next training date will be April 8th; June 10th; August 19th & October 28th.

Astronomy Workshops have begun at Marni Berendsen's home. The first focused
on showing the public how to find constellations using a star map; how
planets are found around other stars; and how the objects we observe in the
telescope contribute to forming stars and planets. There were ten of us
there and we enjoyed the evening. Our next Workshop will take place on
February 21st dealing with the significance of the constellations of the
Zodiac and the planets of the Solar System. March 21st, the Workshop will
deal with the telescope and how they work.

The Public Program begins on March 4th. It will focus on the Zodiac; where it
is in the sky; and can you see your "sign"? Saturn and Mars should be good
viewing in the telescopes. We are hoping for good weather and clear skies.

Society Nights have not gone so well as the temperature on Mt. Diablo drops
down to a very cold/windy night. The first night was January 21st with two
people; January 28 was 0 people; and February 4th was 0 people. The next
Society Night will be February 25th; and March 25th.

Club Speakers: The January 24th speaker was Dr. John E. Westfall (MDAS
member) who spoke about the timing of the eclipses of Jupiter's moons and
how they contribute to mapping the world.
February 28th: Naishi Min will speak about the culture of Chinese Astronomy.
March 28th: Weidong Li will speak about high red shift supernovae.

Craig Mattson/Mt. Diablo Park Superintendent reported that the road leading
to the summit will begin repairs, due to the heavy rains in December, in
late Spring or early Summer. There will be periodic closures of North Gate
and Summit Road during the week but the Park will be open at all times
during the project; and also, the park roads will be open on weekends during

On January 21st, MDAS member, Marshal Merriam was in Volcano, CA to unveil
the historic marker honoring California's first observatory that was brought
about by George Madeira, a pioneer gold miner and Astronomer. Marshal and
another MDAS member, 2 from SVAS (Sacramento), 10 from Stockton, 6 from AAAC
(Amateur Astronomers of Amador County), and 2 professional astronomers from
Lick Observatory; there were 47 Madeira family members from Oregon, Nevada,
Southern California, Sonoma County and elsewhere. Total attendance were 130.
The event was a great success; Marshal Merriam gave a one hour talk and the
Madeira family later came up to him and were very appreciative to learn what
their ancestor had done as they, themselves, were unaware of all of these
things. They were happy to learn of it.

Liede-Marie Haitsma


Link to Treasurer's Report - PDF or Excel

Next Board Meeting May 7, 2006, 10am by telecon.Instructions and more info coming soon from

aanc-board {at} aanc-astronomy.org

Sign yourself up if Ken hasn't already subscribed you at: http://mail.aanc-astronomy.org/mailman/listinfo/aanc-board

Please send website updates to Alan Gould <adgould {at} comcast.net>


AANC Board Meeting Minutes, 7 May 2006.

1. Call to order 10:05 am

2. Roll call - Alan Gould, Mike Koop, Carter Roberts, Mike Portuesi, Ken Frank, Dan Zuras, Walt Heiges, Dave Harris, John Dillon, Liede Marie Haitsma., Marion Weiler, Don Stone

3. Approve minutes http://aanc-astronomy.org/AANCminutes/AANCminutes.html

John D moved, Carter seconded to approve minutes. Motion passed.

4. Treasurer's report


   A. ADD IN ONE DEPOSIT: $120.00




No bank statement for April. Don't we have cap of $300/year expenditure? We need to send out renewal letter.

5. Old business

6. New business

7. Club reports and website updates. Please send to: adgould[at]comcast.net

Hercules Stargazers --
Our first stargaze of 2006, on April 22, was cancelled due to bad weather. Our calendar for spring and early summer is problematic due to potential travel plans. For this reason we did not schedule an Astronomy Day event, although we had clear skies last evening. Our next stargazes at Foxboro Park are May 20, June 24, and July 22. We have also been looking around for a darker site. (Submitted by Dave Harris)

MDAS - Liede-Marie
Public Nights for MDAS have not gone very well because of weather. March 4th
was cancelled due to snow; April 1st was cancelled due to fog; our next
Public Nights' will be May 20th and June 17.
Society Nights have gone a bit better. February 4th (cancelled); February
25th (13 members showed); March 25th (8 members showed but stayed until 8
pm); April 29th was great as the weather was fairly warm (about 65) and no
wind. About 35 members showed up and we started leaving around 12 mid-night.
Outreach program is going well with schools being added on a weekly basis.
There was an event at Parkmead School on April 13th that was a wonderful
success. There were six scopes, and between 50/60 students/teachers/parents.
The next event was Earth Day on April 22nd with about 150 people showing up
at Mitchell Canyon on Mt. Diablo. Every one was interested in viewing the
school through Steve Jacob's Hydrogran-Alpha telescope. May 6th is the Dow
Environmental Faire in Pittsburg; we had a table there all day; the viewing
of Sun spots was enjoyed by all. Next event will be May 13th at Bort Meadows
in Chabot Park which will be a camporee for the Boy Scouts. Then comes May
21st in San Ramon for Hats Off America; and June 10th at Borges Ranch on Mt.
Mt. Diablo is starting up a program called "Campfire Projects at Live Oak"
on Mt. Diablo. This program deals with projects done with groups during a
camping out night. It was done a couple of years ago and then stopped. Jim
Head, our Outreach Person, has emailed the Rangers requesting that we can
participate in these programs also in addition to the Public Nights that we
already have.
The roads on Mt. Diablo will begin to be worked on starting in June and
could last till the end of the year. The Rangers are hoping that the
Northgate Road will be repair as there is a possibility that if this is not
the case that Northgate might be closed to traffic.
Our next board meeting will be May 8th, and club meeting May 23rd.


Scope City report - from Ken Frank
Maurice Sweiss and Sam Sweiss of Scope City have assisted the classes of: Kevin Hartzog at Thurgood Marshall High School in San Francisco through service and repair of over 40 of the high school's microscopes. Also, Terra Linda High School in San Rafael with their telescope, optical equipment, and training assistance. Scope City assisted in developing the astronomy department at Contra Costa College in San Pablo. Over the past few months, Scope City, Lumicon International and Parks Optical have generously given to the following clubs and activities:
SCAS Striking Sparks:
Besides conducting the raffle and donating items that raised over $1,300
toward the young astronomers programs, Sam and Maria of Scope City attended
the dinner / birthday celebration for Sam, with special birthday cake, at
Proctor Terrace Elementary School in Santa Rosa and demonstrated to Rocio
Linares and her family, night-sky viewing thru her new sponsored telescope.
Upcoming Astronomy Day:
San Mateo County Astronomical Society and College of San Mateo will conduct
an Astronomy Day event at CSM campus on May 6th. Scope City will administer
a raffle, co-sponsored by Parks Optical and Lumicon International. Proceeds
go to CSM's Reach for the Stars planetarium fund. The Sweiss family was able
to garner raffle donations from Jim Burr of JMI, Software Bisque, Telrad,
Televue, Meade, Celestron, and William Optics. Scope City will volunteer
telescopes for public viewing at these events.
A raffle drawing will be held at the temporary California Academy of
Sciences, with prizes donated by Scope City.
SVAS astro activities were conducted.
SJAA Auction:
The San Jose auction was a big success, collecting SJAA nearly $1,400.
Sam Sweiss and 4 employees attended the event.
As always, in fostering and revitalizing membership in the astronomical
community, Scope City offers discounts for new members of local astronomy
clubs, toward the purchase of a new telescope or pair of binoculars; simply
show proof of membership. Scope City distributes membership applications for
clubs, and actively encourages membership in Northern California clubs.
You can find the most current images from raffles and other happenings at:

8. Other agenda items and announcements

9. Adjourn - 11:15am


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AANC Board Meeting Minutes, 9 July 2006.

AANC 9 July 06 agenda

1. Call to order 10:30 am

2. Roll call - Alan

Vivian White (ASP), Walt Heiges (President), Alan Gould (LHS-Secretary), Mike Koop (SJAA), Carter Roberts (EAS), Liede Marie Haitsma (MDAS), Don Stone (Treasurer)

3. Approve minutes http://aanc-astronomy.org/AANCminutes/AANCminutes.html
Mike moved, Carter second to approve minutes. Passed.

4. Treasurer's report (Don)

Washington Mutual $4607.89
Fraklin Money Fund $4730.143
Two more clubs renewed: SJAA and Hercules

5. Old business
Insurance issues - The 2 Mikes
Nothing new has come up. SJAA is on the lookout for new insurance. SJAA is happy with Nonprofit Insurance Alliance of California (NIAC).

Membership Renewal - Walt
From last meeting, only 6 clubs have renewed memberships for this year. We need to send out invoices for membership renewals. Walt will get list from Don and prepare an invoice, either from scratch or get the one Jane used.

AANC Stickers - Walt
Alan will add "AANC labels" to AANC Key Functions page on website for people to review (before next meeting).
Walt will put it into PDF or other crossplatform format.

SMAS CSM This years successful Astronomy Day and AANC-CON 2007- Marion

SCAS Striking Sparks - John W. [not present] (Jane Jones will be speaker this 2nd Wednesday the 12th)

Shingletown Star Party - Liede-Marie and Mike: it was a great success this year. Excellent dust control.

2005 Conference Vendor Thank-yous - Walt [thinks Ken did this]

Night Sky Network/ASP - Vivian: Universe in the Callrrom newsletter will be going up soon. Mike Bennett is retiring. There will be search for new Exec Director. ASP meeting in Baltimore Sep 16-18. 25 new partnerships in Project Astro. Training in Aug with Brian Mendez. Shadows and Silhouettes kit will be finished within a month or so. Searching for Habitable New Worlds and Life in the Universe telecon with Geoff Marcy - July 27 6pm PDT. 877-917-1549. Night Sky Network. Michael Green is call leader.

6. New business

AANC-CON 2007 preliminary plans for next year's conference - Alan, Walt, Marion
We'll try to get Marion at next meeting for planning - it's important to have host at planning meeting.

Check signature co-sign - Walt

AANC Calendar of Events (additions?)
Fall Astronomy Day? - Alan [No reports of any Fall Astronomy Day events]
Mercury Transit at the Randall Museum Wednesday, November 8th - John Dillon

FPOA Star B Q and AANC Awards - Walt, Pat Donnelly

AANC Award nominees:
Amateur: Ken Frank, SFAA (and Scope City) [nominated by Mike K, for tireless work for AANC]
Professional: Scott Sandford, Stardust Mission [nominated by Mike K for public talks and service to amateur clubs]
Special: Jeff Adkins, high school teacher at Deer Valley High School in Antioch, California
Commercial: Sky Image Lab [nominated by Mike K - gives donations to SJAA]
Coronado PST affordable Hydrogen Alpha Solar Telescope and support of NASA telecast of 2006 solar eclipse - Bill Dean

Don moved, Mike seconded that we approved Amateur, Professional, and Special Awards by acclamation. Passed
Coronado won vote for Commercial Award.

Mike moved, Don seconded that Walt be authorized to make plaques as he did last year.

7. Club reports and website updates
Please send to: Alan Gould <adgould{at}comcast.net>

Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006
From: David Harris <getastrodave{at}gmail.com>
Subject: Hercules Stargazers report - Dave Harris
May 20 stargaze was clouded out, and travel cancelled June 24. However, the roaming contingent of the Stargazers conducted a few semi-public events in Delray Beach, Florida and in Overland Park, Kansas, during June. Our next planned stargazes at Foxboro Park are for July 22, August 26 (this may be changed due to the Star-B-Que), and September 16.

Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006
From: Liede-Marie Haitsma <stfrncis{at}ix.netcom.com>
Subject: Mt. Diablo Astronomical Society notes
OUTREACH/STAR PARTIES-all were very good turnouts:
April 13th-Parkmead School in Walnut Creek;
May 6th-Dow Environmental Faire in Pittsburg;
May 13th-Bort Meadows in Chabot Park;
May 21st-Hats off America in San Ramon;
May 30th-Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School in Moraga;
June 2nd-Walnut Acres Elementary in Walnut Creek;
June 10th-Borges Ranch/Heritage Days in Walnut Creek;
June 21st-Camp Taylor Star Gazing in Livermore

Membership status as of 6-12-06 is 161 members
Mt. Diablo State Park Ranger Dan Stefanisko said that the park is beginning
their Campfire Projects again at Live Oak Camp Ground. The first one was
June 10th. Then every Saturday after that.
2006 Shingletown Star Party-there was a great turnout of MDAS members, about
15 to 20 showed up. Everyone had a good time!
AANC "Special" Award category- MDAS has nominated Jeff Adkins-he is a high
school astronomy and physics teacher, and the director of the Earth Space &
Astronomy Center for Education (ESPACE), an astronomy academy at Deer Valley
High School in Antioch, CA. He diligently pursued funding and support to
establish the ESPACE Academy, an innovative program to engage students in
astronomy education, outreach, and the actual research. He was the driving
force in establishing a student-run planetarium on the Deer Valley campus
that is used by students throughout the District and is open to the public
once evening every week. He is also a Universe Educator Ambassador for NASA
through Sonoma State University, and a participant in the Spitzer Science
Center's Teacher Observing Program, which allows teachers to use the Spitzer
Space Telescope. In 2004, he was deservedly chosen as Teacher of the Year
for Antioch Unified School District.

MDAS SOCIETY NIGHT PROGRAM- the weather was finally turning our way so we
could have our own star gazing evenings. April 29th was warm with little or
no wind. About 35 members showed up; May 27th was mild, and about 30 members
were there; June 24th was warm with little or no wind. About nine members
showed up as many were at the Shingletown Star Party.
MDAS PUBLIC NIGHT PROGRAM- March, April and May were cancelled due to
weather. June 17th, we finally had an evening for the public to come up and
do some viewing. The weather was warm with a slight breeze. 27 members with
scopes were there, and about 95-100 people showed up.
MOUNT DIABLO ROAD REPAIR- Mt. Diablo State Park will begin major road
repairs beginning July 10th. Work is expected to take place over the next
six months. This will take place along the 4.5 mile-long Summit Road as well
as North Gate Road. Summit Road will be closed on weekdays from July 10th to
Sept. 8th. South Gate Road will remain open to Junction Ranger Station. All
roads are expected to remain open on weekends, although this could change.
MDAS Board meeting will be held July 10th;
MDAS Club meeting will be held July 25th;
Society Night on Mt. Diablo will be held July 22nd; and
Public Night on Mt. Diablo will be held July 29th


8. Other agenda items and announcements

9. Adjourned 11:24am

  Feb May Jul Sep   Dec

AANC Board Meeting Minutes, 10 Sep 2006.

1. Call to order 10:15 am

2. Roll call: Ken Frank (AANC VP, Scope City), Mike Portuesi (Messier Program Director; SFAA), Walt Heiges (President), Alan Gould (LHS-Secretary), Carter Roberts (EAS), Liede Marie Haitsma (MDAS), David Harris (Hercules Stargazers), Rich Ozer, Doug Brown (FPOA)
Welcome to: Doug Brown, VP of FPOA to volunteer for the AANC-CON 2007 Organizer

3. Approve minutes
Ken/Carter moved/seconded to approve 9 Jul minutes. Passed.

4. Treasurer's report - Don not present

5. Old business
Insurance issues — The 2 Mikes

Membership Renewal — Walt will work on that

AANC Stickers - Walt — Draft sticker art, once final version is sent to Alan, should get posted to AANC website

Check signature co-sign - Walt will call Alan after meeting to check on status of documentation needed.

Night Sky Network/ASP - Alan. Shadows and Silhouettes kit has been shipped, designed to be useful in events for the Transit of Mercury. Many demos and activities included about phases of the Moon, eclipses, transits, Kepler mission, and why lunar features are not most easily seen during full moon.

6. New business

FPOA StarBQ and AANC Awards Success - Doug Brown
Awards were present. StarBQ was great, about 200-400 people attended. Representatives from state parks. Assmblyman Salinas was there. Richard: Ken was there and Scott Sanford was there. Tempory awards were given for Jeff Atkinson and Coronado. There were great raffle prizes, thanks to Sam from Scope City. Excellent lecture. Students/interns from Jr. College in Salinas to help; grant administator from NASA flew out to attend. Steve Loos donated $150 (on behalf of Sam/Scope City) to AANC.

SMAS CSM Ribbon Cutting ceremony for the new planetarium and science center — (Frank:) AANC donated $500 to Reach for the Stars program. They opened the new facility Bldg 36 at CSM science center, classrooms, conference center, rolloff roof with observatory and a number of telescopes. 2:15pm Fri Sep 8. There is also new planetarium.

AANC-CON 2007 preliminary plans for next year's conference - Alan, Walt, Ed, Doug,
Message from Ed Pieret:

I’m the new president of the San Mateo County Astronomical Society. Marion has taken the vice president and event coordinator post.

I understand that you would like a report on the progress of the building of the astronomical facilities at CSM. Here is a quick summary and if you want more detail I’ll be glad to provide it.

The new Science Building had its ribbon cutting yesterday.
The observatory is on the roof of the Science Building. There are four piers for large telescopes and places, electricity and internet access for 12 additional telescopes. The facility is completed and we have a c14 mounted on one of the piers. The area encompassing the piers has a sliding roof.
Dean Drumheller has taken a job with the college and is setting up the equipment. Darryl is planning to have a public event for the Mercury Transit.

The planetarium has the dome completed and the interior is being finished. Darryl is expecting the construction to be finished and the projector installed by early November. Allowing for training and familiarization time, we are anticipating an opening around year end.
Everything seems to be on time. Darryl and Dean both have moved into offices in the new building.

Ed Pieret

Carter: what tentative date might there be?
April 21 2007 is Astronomy Day. August was successful in the past—pay be good candidate for date in 2007. Barcroft is usually in August.
Alan, Walt, Ed, Doug, Ken, Richard will be subcommittee to do conference planning.
Ken wants to get Jim Kaler, professor emeritus of Astronomy at U. IL, as keynote speaker. May be coming to Bay Area early March for ASP board meeting, but that should not be determining factor.
Other possible keynote speakers: Mike Bennett, or new ASP executive director.
Richard Crisp might also be speaker.
Kepler telecon line can be used for subcommittee meeting.

Astronomy Events for the rest of the year

AANC Calendar of Events for 2007

Other events?

AANC board meetings 2007: Feb 4; Apr 1; Jun 3; Jul 29; Sep 23; Dec 2

7. Club reports and website updates Please send to: adgould{at}comcast.net

8. Other agenda items and announcements

If Don is changing address, can we have temporary AANC address for sending checks to, in order to avoid possibility of lost checks? Alan G offered to make his address at LHS a temporary but stable interim address. Should add it to "Join AANC" page.

9. Adjourned 11:20am

Next meeting date: December 3rd

Carter will arrange for face-to-face meeting at Chabot.

Telecon sponsored by NASA Kepler Mission Education and Public Outreach.


MDAS Report
From: Liede-Marie Haitsma, Representative of Mt. Diablo Astronomical Society
JULY 20TH-YMCA Camp Arroyo/Camp Taylor in Livermore: Nice event with about
thirty or so children and adults participating
JULY 28TH-City of Vacaville's Starry Nights Astronomy program: Ten MDAS
members there with their scopes; about 80/85 parents/children
MONTH OF AUGUST-Library display in the Ygnacio Library in Walnut Creek.
AUGUST 18-19TH-YOSEMITE: About twenty MDAS members with their scopes; over
100 people each night. The public enjoyed viewing the Milky Way through
scopes and without. Jim Head and Richard Ozer spoke to the public about
Astronomy. Every one had a great time!
with scopes; information was handed out; about 45/50 parents/students were
MONTH OF OCTOBER-Library display in the City of Concord
MDAS Membership status: 175
AUGUST 26TH at Fremont Peak Star-B-Que Richard Ozer accepted the AANC
Special Award for Jeff Adkins, who could not be there. The event was a
FROM: Jack Borde/MDOA: (9-1-06)-We went to Tracy to visit the unit and to
inspect for acceptability. Some variances were noted and they are being
corrected, then the unit is to be shipped to Livermore with the final
installation of carpeting and security screens to complete the unit. We have
been advised that this will be done within the next 2 weeks. Between Jim,
Ranger Dan Stefanisko and Myself it seems possible to target around the 15th
of Sept for installment on the Mountain. This weekend will be open to us
getting to the top of the MT as it has been closed due to road work. I have
measured tree limbs over the road that need to be cleared before the unit is
hauled up. I will complete the measurements from junction to top this
FROM: Jack Borde/MDOA: (9-2-06)-"Finished marking trees with over hung limbs
going up the Mt this morning. They had dug complete sections of the road out
and bedded it with diabase rock and presently paved from summit building to
camp juniper.. Many sections of the road have been repaired getting ready
for the finish paving down to junction. In talking to Ranger Dan Stefanisko
he says he can't see us bringing the new building any earlier than the 20th
of Sept and maybe even as late as the 30th. Thanks Jim for the update I
received in the mail today. Dan said he would keep us posted on the
SOCIETY NIGHTS: Sept. 23rd; Oct. 14th; Nov. 18th & 25th; Dec. 16th & 23rd
PUBLIC NIGHTS: Sept. 16th and Oct. 21; On our next public night Sept 16, we
will be presenting two programs. In addition to enjoying the Milky Way with
our scheduled program on "Our Place in our Galaxy", we will be helping
members of Cub Scout Pack 262 from Clayton earn their Astronomy Belt Loop
and Pin awards. To receive these awards they need to complete some simple
requirements covering elementary astronomy. A preliminary outline is below.
These are First through Fifth grade kids. Many of their parents will be
there to help out.
MDAS is getting ready for the Transit of Mercury on November 8th (Marni
Berendsen and Jim Head are in charge): "We probably want to try to make this
as simple as possible for our members. The Transit will run from about 11
a.m. to 4 p.m. on Nov 8th, which is a Wednesday. I imagine we wouldn't want
to plan for more than two or three locations. Getting permission for very
many places might be complicated. Also, I don't know how many of our members
would be willing to do all that is necessary to secure permission and do
follow-up. Liede-Marie might be one as well as brother, Rob."

Hercules Stargazers -- report by Dave Harris
Stargaze at Foxboro Park, July 22, '06: We had 5 Stargazers, a few visitors, and 3 scopes ranging from 10" to 20", and binoculars. The temperature was in the 90's while we observed 11 Messier Objects, Jupiter, and a few doubles. The August Stargaze was cancelled due to a conflict with the Star-B-Que. Our next events are September 16, October 21 and 28, and November 18. We have located a new dark site in West Contra Costa County, and may be observing from there in the next few months.

  Feb May Jul Sep   Dec

AANC Board Meeting Notes 3 December 2006

NEXT Meeting 4 Feb 2007 at 10:30 am at Chabot Space and Science Center

See also Conference Committee Meeting Notes.

1. Call to order 10:00 am

2. Roll call — present: Doug Brown, Walt Heiges, Mike Portuesi, Ken Frank, Carter Roberts, Ed Pieret, Mike Koop , John Dillon, Liede Marie Haitsma, Alan Gould, Vivian White, Dave and Esther Harris, Richard Ozer

3. Approve minutes http://aanc-astronomy.org/AANCminutes/AANCminutes.html
There was problem with Sep minutes not being available on WWW. Approval of minutes can take place next meeting.

4. Treasurer's report - Don

Frankin fund $3224.58

World Checking ???? [didn't catch the figure, sorry]

5. Old business - Insurance issues The 2 Mikes
SJAA is happy with the insurance company they have. Discussed getting Board of Directors Insurance--one board member resigned because there was no Board of Directors insurance. Decided not to get it. Would have been $700 additional per year. Question arose as to wheterh we need to pursue this topic further. Relevant information has been made available to clubs through minutes of prior meetings. Mike P moved Mike K seconded that we consider this issue closed. Motion passed.

--Plaques for this years awardees - Walt will pay for plaques and get reimbursed.

--Membership Renewal -Walt will pursue this. Richard may be able to help. May need to get instruction from Jane as to how she went about this.

--AANC Stickers - Walt

--Check signature co-sign - Walt, Alan - There is problem with Sonoma bank branch requiring Don to be physically present to add signature authorization to Walt. Main branch is in Berkeley.

6. New business

AANC BoardMeeting is changed to April 29 to avoid meeting conflict with SJAA Auction

February 4th meeting location: Chabot Space & Science Center.
Proposed Conference committee meeting starting 9:30, with AANC Board meeting starting 10:30.

PR - The 2 Mikes
Mercury Transit publicity coverage - Could we have done a better job?
Mike P: Tried to get info to the Chronicle about the transit, but couldn't get through.
There was a website created with Bay Area Mercury transit info.
Carter: Dave Rodriguez is well connected in PR realms.
Ken: Kudos to Mike P for putting info together.
Mike K: There is online calendar service that is quite useful. Like Craig's list but for events.
SJAA uses San Jose Mercury News online edition link.

AANC-CON 2007 Committee ideas, recommendations and plan - Ed, Darryl/Mohsen, Richard, Doug
Mike P.
CSM Observer newsletter (put together by Dean Drumhiller) has info about new planetarium, telescopes, new building, ribbon cutting,....
Ed: planetarium projectors are in. Regular planetarium shows (2nd Fri each month) will be in new planetarium when it's ready. KCSM is jazz station. Could have "jazz under the stars."

7. Club reports and website updates--Please send to: adgouldATcomcast.net

8. Other agenda items and announcements

Vivian: At Randall Musuem there were 4 school classes that observed the transit.

Alan: Shadows and Silhouettes kit was used by hundreds of clubs across the US.

Carter: Alex Barnett has resigned (getting married). Interim Director is Jerry Fidler. Search is on for permanent Director.

John D: Randall Museum is site of SFAA meetings. Small grant will allow evening staff for observing on "dark side" of the building.

See other Club Reports

NEXT Meeting 4 Feb 2007 at 10:30 am at Chabot Space and Science Center

Thanks to NASA Kepler Mission for providing the telecon support for this meeting.

9. Adjourned 11 am


Conference Committee Meeting Notes

Present: Doug Brown, Walt Heiges, Mike Portuesi, Ken Frank, Carter Roberts, Ed Pieret, Mike Koop , John Dillon, Liede Marie Haitsma, Alan Gould [not present: Darryl Stanford, Mohsen Janatpour]

Speakers: Richard Crips on Planetary Nebulae Discovery. Jeff Adkins (ASP award winner)

Vendors: Jim Burr of JMI


Time: Afternoon of 29 Sept (Sat)

Parking: Staff parking can be used


Science Day:

Student Web page: It might be good for students to create conference website

Links of web pages: AANC website could link to CSM conference web site

Next meeting: [At AANC Board meeting it was proposed to have Conference Committee meeting 4 Feb 9:30-10:30am]

MDAS Report for the AANC Meeting-December 3, 2006
From: Liede-Marie Haitsma <stfrncisATix.netcom.com>
OUTREACH PROGRAMS are going strong! We have several events per month going
to either schools or meeting with scouting groups in the area. Jim Head is
in charge and he's done a wonderful job in getting MDAS involved with the
many schools and scouts. The library displays and tabling events have also
attracted attention from teachers and scout leaders as well as from parents
wanting to get more involved with their children's interest in Astronomy.

MOUNT DIABLO OBSERVATORY ASSOCIATION has finally gotten the Warming Room up
on Mt. Diablo. It has taken years (over 15) and road repair delays but it's
finally at the Lower Summit Parking Lot on Mt. Diablo, next to the
observatory. It came up in the middle of October. It's 42 feet by 12 feet.
It's wonderful! Once everything is put in, worked on, and gotten ready for
the public it's going to be a great Outreach Room for schools, scouts, and
during Public Programs from March to October. We are hoping that we can get
a local magazine (Diablo) to run a report on it.

TRANSIT OF MERCURY on November 8, 2006 was a great success! MDAS came in
Number 1 in the Night Sky Network with it's article. We were at Diablo
Valley College from 10 to 5; there were about eight of us there. The
Astronomy Dept. emailed all the teachers in the college letting them know
that we would be standing in front of the library with scopes and a
SunSpotter viewing the transit. We had hundreds of people stopping by and
viewing. Everyone enjoyed watching Mercury crossing the Sun. Diablo Valley
College, it's students, and the Astronomy teachers played a large part in
making the day a great success for MDAS being there!

PUBLIC NIGHTS this year were not as successful as in the past years. The
weather cancelled four months of viewing, and the road repair on Mt. Diablo
cancelled two months of viewing. BUT, we did have the last month of October
to end our Public Nights a success. The weather was wonderful, even a bit
mild, fairly clear, and there were 115 people up there. There were several
scout groups and schools present. Everyone had fun. We are looking forward
to starting again next year March.

SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP-IMAGING has formed. There are 22 people in the group
with various levels of abilities at imagining. It's a learning process of
viewing the images and talking about how they were made.

Liede-Marie Haitsma


Hercules Stargazers Report
From: David Harris <getastrodaveATgmail.com>
September 16, 2006 -- Stargaze at Foxboro Park, Hercules, 7:30 pm to 10 pm. Three stargazers, a few visitors from the neighborhood. Two 10" Dobs and two binoculars. Original notes lost.

October 21, 2006 -- Stargaze at Foxboro Park, 7:30 pm to 11 pm.
Three stargazers, and about 7 visitors. Same scopes plus a 70 mm Goto. Generally good viewing of objects which included Comet Swan, M13, Ring Nebula, Double Cluster, M15, M2, M33, M27, and M31. Hot chocolate provided by Esther. After the session, Dave, Timo Kurppa and Mark Sharretts drove to check out some dark sites in two areas in West Contra Costa County. One of these looked promising as a possible group observing site, but more investigation is needed.

November 8, 2006 -- The Mercury Transit, at the Oakland Hebrew Day School side yard, 10:35 am to 3:40 pm. Dave, Mark and Timo set up three solar-filtered telescopes, a 10" Dob, a 6" Comet Catcher, and a 70 mm Goto. Over 125 students from kindergarten through 8th grade, as well as teachers and staff, viewed the transit and heard explanations. A few also saw Mercury and the larger sunspot via eyepiece projection. The presenters managed to spot the first and second contacts as we were setting up, but we left before third and fourth contacts. A great time was had by all, and an article with photos of the event was in the next school newsletter.

November 18, 2006 -- Stargaze at Foxboro Park, 7:30 pm to 10:35 pm. Three stargazers and one visitor. Two 10" Dobs, the 70 mm Goto and two binoculars. Despite clouds, we saw the Double Cluster, Andromeda Galaxy, Ring Nebula, the Pleiades, and the Orion Nebula. This was our last stargaze of 2006, and we will start up our new season in April, 2007.


EAS & CSSC update
From: Carter Roberts <cwrobertsATearthlink.net>
The EAS schedule for 2007 is FIRST Saturday each month January-June except the annual dinner will be on Sunday, March 4. We will have a meeting on June 30 then the FOURTH Saturday, July-November. There will not be a December meeting.

The Chabot Space & Science Center has selected Jerry Fiddler, who was the co-founder of Wind River which produced some of the software used on the present Mars Exploration Rovers, as Interim Director to replace Alex Barnett has left to get married. There will be a broad search for a long-term Executive Director.







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