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Alan Gould
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Dates of AANC board meetings in 2010:
Feb 28, May 30, Jun 27 (Short agenda: StarBQ & Awards), Sep 26, Nov 21
[Jul 17 FPOA Star B Q]


Board members:

Doug Brown (FPOA),
John Dillon (SFAA),
Dean Drumheller (CSM),
Ken Frank (ASP),
Alan Gould (LHS),
Chanan Greenberg (SMCAS),
Dave Harris (HS),
Walt Heiges (SVAS),
Jim Head (MDAS),
Larry McCune (SCAS),
Richard Ozer (TMW),
Ed Pieret (SMCAS),
Mike Portuesi (SFAA),
Mark Wagner (SJAA),
Marion Weiler (SMCAS),
Ray Wong (EAS),

Barbara Arrighi, Dirk Lammerts, Len Nelson, Cecilia Yarnel









AANC 2010Feb 28 Agenda
Meeting at Richard Ozer's Work—OIS—7700 Pardee Lane, Oakland CA

1. Call to order 10:00 am Walt/Ken

2. Roll call - Alan

  • ggggggg.
  • ggggggg

3. Approve minutes http://aanc-astronomy.org/board - mmmm moved to approve minutes. sssss seconded. Motion passed.

4. Treasurer's report - Richard Ozer - 200912rptAANCtreas.pdf

5. Old business -

A. Elections of Officers

B. New host server for AANC website
summary of research by MarkWagner, Mike Portuesi. Decide on action.
Google blogspot

6. New business

A. aaaaaa

B. bbbbb

C. cccccc

D. ddddd

E. eeeeee

F. ffffff

G. gggggg

7. Club reports and website updates
Please send to: adgould@comcast.net

8. Announcements.


9. Adjourn 12:00 pm (Rich moved, Mark seconded)

Next meeting date: 2010 May 30 at OIS (Rich's Joint)


Lawrence Hall of Science - Holt Planetarium - Alan Gould see http://lhs.berkeley.edu/visit/planetarium-|-Saturday Night Stargazing every 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month, year-round, weather permitting.














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