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Dates of AANC board meetings in 2009:
Feb 8, Apr 19, Jun 7, Aug 9, Oct 4, Dec 6

Meeting dates for 2010: Feb 28, May 30, Jun 27 (Short agenda: StarBQ & Awards), Sep 26, Nov 21
[Jul 17 FPOA Star B Q]

Archives of AANC Board meetings


Board members:

Doug Brown (FPOA),
John Dillon (SFAA),
Dean Drumheller (CSM),
Ken Frank (ASP),
Alan Gould (LHS),
Chanan Greenberg (SMCAS),
Dave Harris (HS),
Walt Heiges (SVAS),
Jim Head (MDAS),
Larry McCune (SCAS),
Len Nelson (SCAS),
Richard Ozer (TMW),
Ed Pieret (SMCAS),
Mike Portuesi (SFAA),
Mark Wagner (SJAA),
Marion Weiler (SMCAS),
Ray Wong (EAS),

Barbara Arrighi, Dirk Lammerts, Len Nelson, Cecilia Yarnel









AANC 2009 Dec 6
Meeting at Richard Ozer's -- 7700 Pardee Lane, Oakland CA

1. Call to order 10:10 am Walt/Ken

2. Roll call - Alan

/Doug Brown (FPOA),
/Ken Frank (ASP),
/Alan Gould (LHS),
/Dave Harris (HS),
/Jim Head (MDAS),
/Richard Ozer (TMW),
/Ed Pieret (SMCAS),
/Mike Portuesi (SFAA),
/Mark Wagner (SJAA),
/Len Nelson (SCAS)


  • Brian Kruse (ASP) works on Project ASTRO. Teacher (middle school/high school) and amateur astronomer, outreach person. Worked at NASA Ames with Explorer Schools program.
  • Patrick Barthelow Re: Anderson Peak. Currently in Auburn. Taught jr college. Works in amateur radio telescope projects. Moonbounce, Echoes of Apollo.

3. Approve minutes http://aanc-astronomy.org/board - Rich moved to approve minutes. Jim/Mike seconded. Motion passed.

4. Treasurer's report - Richard Ozer - 200912rptAANCtreas.pdf

5. Old business -

Ken moves that AANC give grant of $200 to Striking Sparks. Rich seconded. Passed.

Rich suggests that AANC derive revenue from StarBQ somehow. We do not have significant revenue mechanism.

Mark: have donation link on GSSP site. Amazon links?

6. New business

A. Meeting dates for 2010.
Feb 28, May 30, Jun 27 (Short agenda: StarBQ & Awards), Sep 26, Nov 21
[Jul 17 FPOA Star B Q]

B. Election of officers. Tabled to first meeting of 2010. Send nominations via e-mail to e-mail list. Alan is stepping down from Secretary position.

C. New Night Sky Network event management system - http://nightsky.jpl.nasa.gov/index.cfm

Jim Head: There is new version of NSN website useful to member clubs to manage their outreach programs. Public can find events, typing in zip code. Teachers can request events that clubs can respond to. E-mail automatically goes to members with approval of outreach coordinator(s). Data/stats can be extracted easily. Tracks hours that people put in. Good for State Park requirements.
Rich: one concern of some clubs is privacy--is it compromised in the new system? Ken/Jim: that's not really a problem.
Ken: see videos at http://nightsky.jpl.nasa.gov/about.cfm
Ken is eager to get constructive feedback.

D. New host server for AANC website

$9.95/month (w/ 3 months free) for 24 months.
Both Michael P. and Ken have Lunarpages host our personal websites with little or no trouble for a combined 10 years now.

Rich: Google blogspot is a possibility.

Mike: listof requirements

  • Universally accessible
  • Static content
  • Blog
  • Calendar
  • Host e-mail list?

Mark: John Pierce has another suggestion—will check in with him.

Maintenance could be parsed to more than one person.

Mark: Could centralize it within NSN, if AANC can be categorized as a member club.
Mark will look into posibilities further and report back via email list.
Mike will provide input also.

E. ASP Klumpke-Roberts Award Nomination

  • From Doug Brown, ASP Board of Directors:
    The Astronomical Society of the Pacific is the largest astronomical society and involves astronomers throughout the world. At its annual meeting, the ASP recognizes top astronomers globally with some of the most prestigious awards in the field. Two are awarded to amateurs, the Amateur Achievement Award for significant observational or technological contributions to astronomy, and the Klumpke-Roberts Award for educational outreach by an amateur astronomer to Kindergarten through 12th grade students and the interested lay public. The award includes a plaque, $500 in prize money, a night in a hotel, a plane ticket to the annual meeting location, and tickets for two to attend the awards banquet with top astronomers. The rapidly approaching nomination deadline is December 15th. The 2010 annual meeting will be held July 31 - August 4, in Boulder, Colorado, USA
    Amateur astronomy includes many unsung heroes, and this is your opportunity to help provide some needed recognition. If you know of a amateur who has made an exceptional contribution, please follow the links above to make a nomination, or pass this email on to someone who will.
  • From Mark Wagner, VP of SJAA: looking to nominate Jim Van Nuland for the ASP's "Klumpke-Roberts Award for educational outreach by an amateur astronomer to Kindergarten through 12th grade students and the interested lay public." Jim has been organizing and leading an average of 50 school star parties a year, in the greater San Jose area, for the past 20 years. I cannot think of a more deserving nominee.
    Mark moved that AANC nominate Jim Van Neuland of SJAA for the ASP Las Cumbres Amateur Outreach. Jim Head seconds. Passed.
  • From Ranger Dave L. Rose:
    Hello Kenneth,
    On November 22 I wrote you and all of the other California Astro Societies who participate in star parties at Glacier Point each summer, asking for a letter of support for Ranger Dick Ewart to be nominated for an award from the Astro Society of the Pacific. I received a response who suggested I nominate Ranger Dave Balogh instead of Ranger Dick Ewart because of Dave's long-time involvement for coordinating the star party events and his own educational events at Glacier Point.
    If you concur that David Balogh qualifies for this award, please email a letter of support to me that will be forwarded to ASP with the nomination. Thank you for your participation.

F. From: Patrick Barthelow <apolloeme{AT}live.com>
Subject: Anderson Peak, 36" RC tracking telescope; Big Sur is being torn down; Save effort underway

Folks: Just a heads up; The Anderson Peak (Big Sur) former USAF tracking telescope, and observatory (4000' overlooking Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park) is in the initial stages of being destroyed, by the Air Force, who has built the site on leased USFS property, and operated for some 35 years. The telescope is magnificent...
A group of astro professionals and amateur astronomers are trying to stop the destruction, and save the telescope (actually 5 telescopes on a single mount)
Tried to transfer to civilian operation, but was blocked by a single objecting land owner over whose property the access road travels. Claims to represent 30 others.
Details at http://saveandersonpeak.wordpress.com
If you can help with letters to Sam Farr, as suggested please do, or contact me direct:
Pat Barthelow apolloeme{AT}live.com
Best Regards,
73, de Pat Barthelow AA6EG

I have copied this mail to a couple of friends at MIRA the Monterey Institutue for Research in Astronomy, Dr Bruce Weaver, and Gary Love. http://www.mira.org They are only now, like most in the astronomy community, becoming aware of the Anderson Peak situation, which has precipitated into a Crisis point, all on the stubbornness of a property owner (John Cluett of Big Sur. Look up Cluett on Google, appears to be a recluse, he is worth well up into the 8, maybe 9 figures, heir to his family's old money in Textiles, and ownership of the BIG Men's shirts companies, Van Heusen, Arrow, etc) I want to distribute the crisis information far and wide, and get support and feedback to help save the site, from those in the Astronomy Community. We need a keen Land lawyer.

The Optics Shop at Vandenberg, who services the telescope, knows first hand the special capabilites, and fine-ness of the instrument, actually 5 instruments on one sturdy gun mount platfore, and agrees whole heartedly that it is a travesty/tragedy if the telescope is torn down. We have a small window of time to stop it.

To give you an idea of the capabilities of the main telescope, it tracked Missile launches from 120 miles away to Vandenberg AFB. Once the missile from Vandenberg rose above the horizon to within view, the telescope if at max magnification locked on to the missile/rocket, and and the whole field of view, I am told by the operators was less than the first stage of the rocket, about 60 ft, top to bottom, from 120 miles away. (!) It can track Cruise missiles off the coast of Big Sur, whizzing by at 500 mph. Horizontal slew rate is about 15 degrees per second.

As I mentioned, I have put up a Web Blog for passing information to and from communities about the crisis. http://saveandersonpeak.wordpress.com Yes, I am able, and will be happy to Join You, and the BOD, by telephone tomorrow (Sunday) at 10:00AM. Have you received my PPT of Anderson Peak? I can send the latest version and you can play it while I talk via telephone. If you have skype on a laptop with some speakers, I could talk through that via skype.

I was called recently by Dr David Livingston who produces "The Space Show" http://www.thespaceshow.com/ who wants me to speak on the show as principal guest (2 HOURS!) about Anderson Peak, moon Bounce and other topics. If we coordinate this right, He and I can take incoming calls, (Perhaps from Pre informed members of ASP, and MIRA) and emailed questions and answer them on the air. The show is broadcast world wide, and re broad cast on various AM and FM Stations. Would be a great venue to get some plugs for Astronomy in this Year of the Telescope.

Best Regards, 73, de Pat Barthelow AA6EG apolloeme{AT}live.com <mailto:apolloeme{AT}live.com>* * http://www.echoesofapollo.com

G. Mark Wagner The SJAA, through its association with the City of San Jose, has been made aware of a non-profit organization known as CreaTV; http://www.creatvsj.org/ - This is a full-on television production studio, that broadcasts public eduction television on public access channels through an agreement with Comcast Corporation. Because the SJAA is in partnership with the City of San Jose's, SJAA has special access/discount/etc. to the facilities. I am encouraging SJAA to investigate producing public education programs to be broadcast on the Comcast network. Our newsletter editor has expressed interest, as have several of our board members. I feel the AANC can, through its member club "SJAA", potentially offer other AANC member organizations, the ability to cooperate with SJAA in finding the best talent to pursue this opportunity. I would like to know what interest there is from other clubs. If there is interest, I will bring this idea to the next SJAA board meeting.

7. Club reports and website updates
Please send to: adgould@comcast.net

8. Announcements.


9. Adjourn 12:00 pm (Rich moved, Mark seconded)

Next meeting date: February 28, 2010 at OIS (Rich's Joint).




B. Report: Lawrence Hall of Science - Holt Planetarium - Alan Gould


Saturday Night Stargazing every 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month, year-round, weather permitting.

GRAND OPENING! October 4, 2009
Special FREE drop-in activities from Red Planet Mars. Come anytime 2:30–4:30 p.m. No tickets required—opening weekend only!

Planetarium Programs
Every Saturday and Sunday, plus holidays. Daily during summer and special holiday weeks (see schedule below). Programs are approximately 40 minutes, and are presented live with activities. Questions are encouraged!
October 10, 2009–January 2010
12:45 p.m. A Sky Full of Stars (ages 4-8 with adult)
1:45 p.m. A Sky Full of Stars (ages 4-8 with adult)
2:45 p.m. Red Planet Mars (ages 8 to adult)
3:45 p.m. Red Planet Mars (ages 8 to adult)

Planetarium Tickets
Tickets are $4 per person, and are sold at the Front Information Desk on a first-come, first-served basis. Everyone must have their own ticket. Planetarium Passes must be exchanged at the Front Information Desk for tickets.


C. Report: Hercules Stargazers - Dave Harris
Our October 17 Stargaze was clouded out, so we used our last Gaze for the year, November 14, to honor Galileo's discoveries. We had two GalileoScopes, one 10" Dob, a 70 mm spotting scope, and two binoculars with which to observe the Galilean Moons, including the 8:52 p.m. egress of Europa from Jupiter's shadow. After a sky tour, we and our several guests also enjoyed views of the Andromeda Galaxy M31, its companion M32, The Ring Nebula, The Pleiades, Albireo, The Double Cluster, and the Orion Nebula M42. The Gaze began around 8 p.m. and ended around 10:40 p.m. when dew started affecting the scopes. One of our guests was a 4-year-old named Orion who, with his Dad, got to view his namesake constellation as it rose in the east.

This evening was a great way to end our 2009 season, as we take our usual winter break. The 2010 season starts on April 17, which marks the beginning of the 21st year of the Hercules Stargazers.









Full Moons 2009

January 11, 03:27 SAT
February 9, 14:49 MON
March 11, 02:38
April 9, 14:56
May 9, 04:01
June 7, 18:12
July 7, 09:21
August 6, 00:55
September 4, 16:03
October 4, 06:10
November 2, 19:14
December 2, 07:30
December 31, 19:13 (blue moon)


Board Members:

Walt Heiges (President; SVAS),
Richard Ozer (Treasurer, GSSP, TMW)
Ken Frank (VP, ASP, Scope City)
Alan Gould (Secretary; LHS,
David Harris (Hercules Stargazers),
John Dillon (Pres SFAA),
Mike Portuesi (Messier Program Director; SFAA),
Marion Weiler (SMCAS), Ed Pieret (SMCAS),
Chanan Greenberg (SMCAS),

Mark Wagner (SJAA),
Larry McCune, LenNelson (SCAS)
Ray Wong (EAS)
Doug Brown, President, Fremont Peak Observatory Association

Barbara Arrighi, Dean Drumheller, Dirk Lammerts, Len Nelson, Cecilia Yarnel

Contact info for Board Members

Not active or previous board members:
Liede-Marie Haitsma (MDAS)
Tinka Ross (Mt. Tam Observers)
Ken Lum (PAS, SMAS, Fremont Peak)
Nancy Cox, (SFAA)
Michel Lau (SFSU, ASP)
Ilona Magyary (SMAS)
Dennis LeClert, Lloyd Altamirano—(SAS)
Dave Anderson (TVSG)




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