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Full Moon Rising,
in the Valley of the Moon

Christine Churchill

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This image appeared in Sky & Telescope (May 2003 issue).

Christine Churchill: I took the image from my backyard in Kenwood, in the Valley of the Moon. Using a Sony 4.1 camera (afocal photography) with my homemade Dobsonian 10" telescope--40mm eyepiece- shutter speed 1/500--aperture 2.8 . The Moon is very special to this valley I live in, and when It rises, it always seems it come here first. I hope I have captured its essence and timeless beauty. My most favorite spot to visit is the Sea Of Serenity.


Last night I visited the Sea of Serenity.
My tears dropped on the lava sea harden billions of years ago .
The present and the past blended together.
No thought,sound,feeling.
Humanity on the rocks of the beginning.

Christine Churchill

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Rising Moon image by Christine Churchill



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